Sagging ceilings

Can we fixit?? Yes we can!!

Sagging ceilings are inevitable and all ceilings will require maintenance at some stage of their lives. The earlier you can recognise that your ceilings are sagging the cheaper and better off you are.

If the ceiling ends up fall down not only insurance will not cover the repairs or damage caused it can also cost up to 3 times more then repairing the ceilings in the first place along with the years of dust that spreads throughout your house.

Repairing ceilings is not only cost effective and in most cases a one off life time cost, it’s less destructive to your life or your tenants lives and comes with our amazing 10 years warranty.

There are 2 common types of ceilings, Plasterglass, and Gyprock.

How can you tell if your ceilings are sagging?

  • Large or small cracks in your ceiling or cornice
  • Visible join lines throughout rooms
  • Screw holes showing
  • Bow in ceiling
  • Visible gaps between ceiling and timber rafters inside roof space
  • Pushing on sections of your ceiling and if there is any movement then your ceiling is sagging.
  • Noises or cracking noises

Why Ceilings Sag

Sagging ceilings are due to old industry practices that simply required adhesive to structural beams. Modern (and properly practiced) ceiling fixing should make sagging ceilings a thing of the past.

Sagging ceiling tip

Measure from ground to ceiling near cornice line and then in the middle of the room, if the measurement is less in the middle of the room then your ceiling will more likely be sagging.

Sure, they look crook…but Sagging Ceilings can aslo be quite dangerous

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