Gyprock repairs

 10 year warranty on all Gyprock™ screw and strap work

How we Repair Gyprock Ceilings

There’s 2 ways we repair Gyprock™ ceilings. The first is by re-screwing the Gyporck™ sheets back into the rafters (no warranty). Then we plaster all screw holes and tape and flush any large cracks.

The second option is similar to the first, however we enter the roof space and install fibreglass straps the back of the Ceiling Board over the timber rafters – this method is covered by our 10 year warranty.

The Fix It Ceiling Difference (how we do it)

  • Timber rafters are located and ceiling’s propped or pushed back and then screwed back in place approx 100mm apart.
  • Once ceiling is screwed in place, 3 coats of plaster will be applied to flush the screw holes.
  • A return visit to larger jobs will be required to sand back plaster ready for painting.
  • Any visible join lines will be re flushed and sanded to hide bad joins. (sanding is done with an electric sander that has a vacuum attached to keep dust to a minimum)
  • Job is cleaned and left neat and tidy
  • Add Fibreglass strapping to middle of each sheet for (10 year warranty.)
  • Add this option on to your gyprock screw up repair to make sure your ceiling stays in place.
  • Screwing only will only hold ceilings up until either the glue or Fibre Glass straps are dry. The screwing back up will hold the ceiling in place until the strapping is done and then the strapping is what will hold the ceiling in place for years and years.
  • We will then enter the roof space and move any insulation out of the way
  • Then the ceiling will be cleaned ready for the fibre glass strapping to be laid
  •  1 x strap to the middle of every sheet or where required.
  • Insulation is then re installed
  • ▪ 10 year warranty on all new straps

A screw up method is also offered for a more cost effective way however does not come with any warranty – contact us to find out more.

subtle shadow lines on the ceiling is sagging gyprock

Insulation removal and replacement

Flushing, screw holes and join cracks

Cost and time conscious?

We also offer a screw up only method to save costs, however, our 10-year warranty isn’t extended to this service unless fibreglass strapping is added onto the quote. Use our quick quote button below for a response in 24 hours.
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