Ceiling Overlays

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Ceiling Overlays

Overlay Ceilings is where we screw metal batten up through the old ceiling which lift the old ceiling back to the rafters. Metal batten is screwed into rafters.

  • Our Electrician will disconnect lights (if allowed for in quote)
  • Prepare room
  • Screw up metal Batten
  • Old cornice may need to be removed
  • Install new ceiling and cornice
  • Install insulation if quoted on
  • Clean up rooms (vacuumed and mop)
  • Electrician returns to install lights
  • Return to sand ceiling ready to paint
  • Job Completed


leaving your old ceiling up and screwing up metal batten to your timber rafters and installing a new ceiling to the metal batten. This is very useful and cost affected because there is less mess from pulling down the old ceiling. If you have insulation in your old ceiling you will not need to either remove or replaced it. Feedback has also been that because there is a 24mm air pocket between the new and old ceiling, this also acts as a good insulator as well.

Overlay 1

Overlay 2

Overlay 3




Why ceiling overlay might be for you

  • Less mess then pulling down ceiling
  • Insulation will stay in place
  • New cornice will have a neat cleaner finish on the wall

...and why it might not be for you

  • Loose 26mm to 35mm depending on batten used of ceiling height

We also offer general renovation services


Pulling down and replacing old damaged ceilings



Filling in where walls have been removed



Cornice around new kitchen and laundry cupboards



Bathroom renovations where full height tiles are been installed.


All old ceiling waste is removed from site leaving your home clean once work has been completed

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