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If you’re looking for the best Team for Ceiling repairs Fremantle, then you’ve come to the right business. At Fix It Ceilings, we deal with numerous jobs every day that require various repairs. From intricate ceiling leaks to filling in holes – we’re more than capable of handling any task that’s asked of us.

Ceiling Repairs Fremantle – Trust Us!

When it comes to ceiling repairs, we know there are various common causes of issues. As the images below show, we’ve recently undertaking work that involved filling it and fixing over 60 holes in a ceiling that were caused by a light replacement. When replacing ceiling lights, it’s highly common for holes to occur due to the different size of the lighting fixture, and so on.

Holes around the new light are filled in and ready to be painted. Via Fremantle Aged Care


Ceiling holes have been painted over and look good as new. Via Fremantle Aged Care

Our team can carefully fill in all the holes and prime them for painting. Then, we match the ceiling colour to ensure that everything looks good as new.  

Customer satisfaction is of primary importance to us as we believe that the best jobs are only done once. You don’t want to keep calling us back to re-do things, and we don’t want to continuously repair the same issue. So, all of our technicians are trained to handle each job with the same dedication and focus. We work efficiently to ensure we don’t take up your valuable time, but we also guarantee that the quality of repairs isn’t compromised.

Please get in touch with Fix It Ceilings today if you need premium ceiling repairs in Fremantle at a competitive price. We’ll talk on the phone and get down to your property at a time that suits you.


Over the last 7 years, Fixit Ceilings has diversified across all gyprock installations and repairs. Most of our work is in residential repairs but our reputation has quickly solidified relationships with reputable Perth Builders in commercial and construction.

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