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Common Questions

So the most common question we receive here at Fixit Ceilings is ‘what does Ceiling Repair Cost’?

While this is a good portion of our incoming questions, we’ve added a few other common ones. If we’ve missed anything, feel free to contact us direct and get the answer you’re after.

The prices we’ve included below are to be used as a guide – there’s some other factors that can influence the cost of ceiling repairs like ease of access to the job, locations and materials we’ll be replacing.

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How much does it cost to repair a ceiling?

On average there are 2 types of ceiling which are Gyprock and Plasterglass.

Both can be repaired with similar techniques.

On average, the Ceiling Repair Cost range is $30m2 to $55m2 depending on how many rooms and m2 been repaired at the same time.

How much does it cost to replace a ceiling?

There are 2 options to replace a ceiling.

1) Pull down and replace

2) Overlay.

On average the costs are from $90m2 to $120m2 depending on m2, height of ceiling and cornice chosen.

Can you organise electrical and painting for your jobs?

Yes we have both qualified electricians and painters so that we can coordinate the entire job for you.

Painting ranges from $15m2 to $25m2 depending on m2 that are being painted and weather it is a repair or new ceiling.

Electrical start from $160 a visit depending on how many lights are required to be disconnected.

How long does a repair last and what warranties are given?

Strapping repairs come with our 10 year structural warranty on all new straps and will last well over that with our new techniques and products used.

Do the ceilings need to be painted after repairs?

Ceilings will require repainting and generally the entire ceiling. Ceiling replacements will generally require wall painting also after the new cornice has been installed.

Price range estimate for painting are $15m2 to $25m2.

Why repair, over replace a ceiling?

Repairs are the most cost effective way to restore your ceiling and make them safe once again. On average the cost is 1/3 cheaper to repair over replacement. Repairing if done correctly the first time will last 50 plus years and comes with a 10 year warranty.

  • Less mess
  • Can work around most furniture
  • No waste removal cost
  • No electrical cost
  • Generally the walls wont require painting only the ceilings
  • Insulation can remain (wont require replacing generally)
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