All plasterglass repairs are backed by our Fix-it 10 year warranty

How we work with plasterglass

Plasterglass ceilings are the older style of material used over 30 years ago however can be found in some newer homes. These ceilings are great and last a lot longer then Gyprock ceiling (you can mostly tell if your ceiling is plastergalss by the white (horse/coconut strains) that go over your timber beams inside the roof space). If you maintain your plasterglass ceiling every 40 to 50 years you will have no problems with these ceiling sagging. How we Repair Plastergalss ceilings. (10 Year Warranty) There is only ONE way to repair plasterglass ceilings. This is how they were install 40 years ago.

  • This is by propping the ceiling back up into place (the best we can) from inside the house and then by entering the roof space (either through manhole or through tiles).
  • We then move any insulation that is inside your roof (or an option is if there is blowin insulation inside your roof space we can organise to get it sucked out and install new batts. (perhaps a link to that section of web page)
  • Once the insulation has been moved or removed with then clean the section of the ceiling where we are going to lay the new Fibre Glass straps (normally in-between old broken straps) We do this throughout the room or house as per quote.
  • Once the straps have dried we then remove the timber props and your ceiling will be secure and safe once again.
  • We then patch all major cracks to your ceiling ready for painting. We can then organise our qualified painters to attend and paint your ceilings.

Sagging plasterglass

Fibreglassing the sheets to the internal beams is done through the roof

Fibreglass straps onto beams

Propping up a ceiling, pre fibreglass



Be aware of anyone that can repair your Plasterglass ceilings by re-screwing Plasterglass ceilings should never be re-screwed. This is not how they have been installed and it is not how they should be repaired. The screw will break through the plasterglass ceiling sheeting due to the weight and the construction of the plasterglass board. Screws are only designed for use on Gyprock ceilings which has a paper cover that helps hold the ceiling in place.

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